No exit - Reloaded

What have you done? Why are you in hell? Yulia, sniper and spree killer. Liam, commissioner of state murder. Kamilla, guerilla and black widow. Three killers in a room. Each with their own story. Their individual pathways to hell. Hell is other people.

A modern retelling of Jean-Paul Sartre’s famous play by Bafta Award-winning playwright John Foster. Dark. Violent. Sexy. No Exit-Reloaded is set in the near future 2027, in the post-Brexit and post-Trump era of modern terrorism.

Cast: Jana Pulkrabek, Dina Rosenmeier, Kevin Kiernan-Molloy, Astrid Lund
Directed by: Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen
Produced by: Jana Pulkrabek / Manusarts
Written by: John Foster
Light Designer: Paul Damade
Stage Manager: Angelique Giroir
Video Design: Jack Wake-Walker

Date: 29.9.-11.10.2017
Location: HIT-House of International Theatre / Huset-KBH 4th floor, Rådhusstræde 13, 1466 Kopenhagen /