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Cityscapes en Passant

During the German French Culture Festival “Arabesques”, photographs by Lilian Grindat and Marc Sagnol will be presented at the Levante House to accompany the Arcades Theatre project „Passagentheater“

Current Prague Architecture

The festival “PRAGUE IN HAMBURG” presents the current architectural movement in the Czech capital contextural to the 20th Jubilee commemoration of the partnership between the two cultural capitals.

Nocturnal Ecstasy

A photographic exhibition on the eponymous film – scenes photographed by Rebecca Hoppe supplemented by selected camera stills.

Contemporary Art in Prague

With works by : Jiri Votruba , Jitka Stenklova , Petr Malina , Filip Cerny, Zbynek Sedlecky and Martin Grega.

German – Czech Photography

A photografic dialogue between Hamburg and Prague designed in correlation to the theatre project “New York Stories”. A Photo exhibition on the eponymous trilogy of plays featuring the works of Holger Jacobs, Rebecca Hoppé and Martin Grega.


Rebecca Hoppé – Photographic exhibition and second edition of the book in presentation to John Neumeier about the Hamburg Ballet.


Begegnungen – Prag trifft Hamburg

Künstler aus Hamburg und Prag in einer Gemeinschaftsausstellung. Mit den Ausstellern: Jitka Stenclova, Ludvik Feller, Anna Würth und Rita Röttig

Encounters–Prague meets Hamburg

Artists from Hamburg and Prague presented in a group exhibition featuring works by: Jitka Štenclová , Ludvik Feller, Anna Würth and Rita Röttig.

Young Art from Prague
The young avant-garde art scene from Prague presents itself in Hamburg: Petr Malina, Filip Cerny and Zbynek Sedlecky.

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